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Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant SWC(c) accessed via

Fourteen Weeks Live Interactive Certification Training  OR  Self-Paced Certification Training

Canadian Institute of Stress & Hans Selye Foundation

Career and client-service success factors for SWC(c) graduates


⊕  BENEFITS credibly provided by certification for the SWC diploma

1. Prepare to confidently market your own SWC practice on graduation.

2. Results for clients 1 (science base): SWC services are evidence-based in results already achieved by clients of the Institute’s Productive Wellbeing model … credible results grounded in pre-/post-service research and, where applicable, in bench-marking against a workplace’s matched control groups. See 35 years’ R & D .

3. Results for clients 2 (the M Factor): Many wellness programs under-perform .. in behavioral & fiscal results .. since participant motivation quickly evaporates [Rand Corporation report, May 2013]. SWC’s learn diagnostic & process tools to activate then sustain this missing link, the M Factor … deep rooted, personalized Motivation.

4. Results for clients 3 (the complete toolkit needed): To meet the broad range of clients’ aims, today’s Stress Consultant’s competencies must be equally broad and flexible .. yet evidence-based. Our 2014 online webinar, “The Compleat Stress Consultant – Change Management”, illustrates the broad, yet systematic range of competencies the Institute enables SWC graduates to offer their clients.

5. Ensure your “passive revenue / annuity income” stream by integrating client-purchased online diagnostic and e-learning tools within your client service toolkit.

6. The practice-focused curriculum for certification is evidence-based and led by A+ instructors integrating academic depth with extensive practitioner experience (workplace consulting & training, and one-to-one coaching). Instructor’s Office Hours scheduled.

7. Begin cultivating your SWC market early, well before graduating from certification.

8. Target your marketing to high-yield clients already in your niche network … those most likely to purchase your SWC services in the near term.

9. Leverage your early successes as an SWC to motivate and focus word-of-mouth marketing.

10. Prepare to earn-as-you-learn. All three major assignments in SWC certification training are targeted by each student to attract and serve their top priority prospective clients.

11. Ensure no-charge access to consultation with your SWC instructor in the months following graduation.

12. Reach a wider spectrum of coaching clients as you promote your Personal Wellness Plan coaching service in both a 2-hour start-up format and in an expanded format providing client results in six 1-hour coaching sessions.

13. Offer training designs targeting high-demand topics for today’s change-challenged workplaces including: mastering stress, change and uncertainty; employee engagement and work satisfaction; work~life harmony; plus motivationally deeply rooted programs; for example: (1) Nutrigenics™ for lasting weight loss; or (2) the Power Pattern™ for on-the-job executive fitness.

⊕  ADVANTAGES value-compared to other stress & wellness certification training

1. Coaching and training methods are credibly science-based & diagnostically focused. To illustrate, see: (a) Body Age Program™ where VQ Test findings provide a personalized Rx keyed to each person’s StressType™ profile; and (b) Making Change Successful, not Stressful™ energizing success in corporate change strategy .. improving productive wellbeing as applied on-the-job by staff and by teams.

2. Training and coaching solutions are equally applicable for public or private sector clients.

3. Strategies and methods taught are both step-by-step systematic as well as flexibly effective in diverse corporate or global cultures, as diverse as Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Argentina, Spain, Mexico as well as other Western countries.

4. Strongly appeal to motivations-to-buy in today’s senior executives as well as at the frontlines plus in HR, training and wellness functions.

5. All client skills are taught so as to have direct on-the-job application, delivering measurable corporate results including employee satisfaction, engagement and turnover.

6. All core SWC skills are learned within a building-block format, building on each other to support a solidly based SWC toolkit of client deliverables.

7. All skills delivered by SWCs are flexibly effective in both personal and work life.

8. Online diagnostic profiles and e-learning directly complement the SWC’s in-person services.

9. Beyond stress reduction, tools raise satisfaction by > 30% .. either marital or work.

10. Thought-leadership strategies plus proven tools in such high-priority areas as work~life harmony and employee engagement.

⊕  Additional FEATURES of priority value to SWC graduates’ career success

1. Small class size of mature, already experienced fellow students to ensure rich all-with-all in-class discussion of their in-practice challenges and solutions.

2. All class assignments are directly focused on each student’s unique priorities for building their practice.

3. Graduates are granted permission to use/adapt PPT’s plus exercises, handout and basic diagnostic materials provided in their certification training.

4. All classes are recorded for 24/7 review by students.

5. Classes are scheduled in hours “convenient” for working students globally … from Hawaii, New Zealand, Spain and Saudi Arabia to Canada, US, Argentina and India.

6. Students can participate in classes from any location in the world having high-speed internet access … office, home or when traveling.

♦ SWC curriculum and Toolkit of SWC competencies and deliverables is Here ♦

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¶  Contact:  Margaret Dopson MA.Sc.  mdopson@stresscanada.org