Toolkit #3
  Toolkit #3: E-Learning program for “Making Change Successful, not Stressful” insights & skills   [MCSS]
AIMS   MCSS in E-Learning format is the solution-of-choice when:

checkmark small Success in new workplace challenges will depend on individuals and teams contributing consistently at their best

checkmark small Managers note that a team-in-change is showing growing signs of stress, disengagement or dissatisfaction on the job

Managers want their staff to share understandings plus on-the-job skills for making workplace change a productively energizing not unhealthy, draining experience. The five one-hour MCSS E-learning modules enable their staff to:

1. Personalize their understanding and motivation re stress, workplace change & uncertainty

2. Create winner results: Pessimist-victim vs. Optimist-winner mindset >> solution scenarios

3. Get past stress, worry and anxiety … at work and after hours

4. Create the wins of change for 30+% more work satisfaction

5. Create win-win work relationships with their co-workers and manager … preparing them for team-based win-win problem solving


NOTE >>  The E-Learning version of MCSS is most often chosen to support self-directed learning by staff who are working on shifts, in flexible / unpredictable schedules, in remote locations or from home offices.

TOOLS:   Your MCSS E-Learning Toolkit license includes:

⊕  Online access for learners to the 5-module E-Learning package targeting the five aims listed above

Each MCSS module is led … both live-on-screen and narrated … by Dr. Richard Earle. Modules include trigger videos featuring animations of characters from Megalith Corporation .. where Megalith staff are dealing with many changes -> stress in their work.

Each module engages the learner in mastering the personalized insights and skills most needed today to ensure resilient success, not stress in making workplace change a win-win success. As you Play this 4½ -minute sample clip about “win-win work relations”, you’ll see …

How MCSS integrates (✓) live, on-screen expert advice with (✓) animated trigger situations featuring the stress-challenged workers at Megalith Corporation … motivating the learner’s completion of (✓) workbook exercises for (✓) personalized on-the-job application; and

You’ll also see how each video segment -> energizes the MCSS building-block learning design. Each new skill builds on and extends previously mastered MCSS skills … ensuring the healthy, solid base required for personal and team / corporate Success, not Stress.

MCSS building-block learning design energizes win-win change

VIDEO UPDATE .. including all-language subtitle feature .. Visit ..

Seg 4-3 for Approval

Sidebar: Each MCSS skill, while learned for application in daily work life, is directly transferable to handling personal life challenges more successfully too. MCSS is often called “mental health in action” by HR… developed for on-the-job productive wellbeing, its insights and skills useful at home.

Your MCSS E-learning Toolkit license also includes:

⊕  Your right to purchase the number of MCSS login passwords required for your group of learners. Their unique password enables their repeated access to each of the five one-hour modules; plus their download and printing of each module’s Participant’s Workbook.

⊕  Participant Workbooks for each module includes all individual exercises; summary of key learnings; module previews and recaps to bridge between modules; and participant’s on-my-job Action Planning guide

⊕  Login passwords are volume-priced according to the number you purchase

⊕  You are invoiced monthly only for the number of passwords used

⊕  Certified as your company’s MCSS Coordinator (E-learning), you receive an Institute AV briefing familiarizing you with (i) how and why staff may resist or minimally support your workplace changes, and (ii) how MCSS’ skills modules build strengths for getting past these speed-bumps to then make win-win contributions to successful change ⊕  Draft announcement of your Making Change Successful, not Stressful program

⊕  Pre-session tickler mini-quiz to motivate participants

⊕  Access to a Demonstration AV Copy of the full MCSS E-learning program to ensure your comfort and confidence (a) in promoting it, and (b) in any frontend or follow-on inputs you include to ensure the program best supports your company’s aims

⊕  Optional: Access to our frontend Vitality POP™ online diagnostic profile [details here] which produces each person’s personalized report to motivate learning keyed to the profile’s report of their strengths and risks. Vitality POP™ also provides personalized Action Recommendations as bridges between “my priorities” and the e-learning skills exercises. Note: Toolkit Coordinators are eligible for a 25% reduction in the Vitality POP™ MSRP price.

CONSULTATION   with Dr. Earle re administrative and communication requirements for Institute certification as a Toolkit Coordinator.

PRICING AND ADMINISTRATIVE   Pricing: Your MCSS E-learning Toolkit license includes (a) certification as an MCSS Coordinator (E-learning) @ $2800.00 (US); (b) learner login passwords at volume discount pricing; and (c) … at your option … volume discount pricing for the motivating online front-end diagnostic profile Vitality POP™

MCSS Coordinator (E-learning) prerequisite: Demonstrated success in managing the administrative requirements and employee / manager inquiries in a range of staff development programs

Inquiries re details / E-learning Toolkit licensing: Contact Margaret Dopson, MA.Sc., Director, Distance Training at