Three checklists of corporate productive wellbeing because …
“Change is as change does … and the people do the doing”

An organization’s capacity for fully successful change is strongly determined by the productive wellbeing of its staff and teams.  We invite you to form a quick snapshot of your organization’s capacity guided by the following three checklists.

Checklists:  #1 – your Staff   and   #2 – your Teams


Checklist #3: Capacity drivers we target to meet C-suite priority concerns

C-suite executives … perhaps taking a broader, longer horizon view of corporate capacity … often summarize the two earlier checklists under these five prioritized headings:

1. Satisfaction and engagement

2. Creative problem solving

3. Company reputation

4. Disability costs and

5. Drug benefits costs

They see their current change-challenge as an opportunity to “learn and build on the lessons from past changes” … to strengthen corporate capacity as a future-looking resource. The “importance” ratings they assign to each capacity-driver [below] reinforce the importance of close aligning employee, on-the-job, and management’s targets for sustainable productive wellbeing. Csuite Top 5 VVFinal

⊕  At the Institute, we focus on growing capacity on all three checklists’ indicators.