For Executives & Corporate Leaders

“How A+ Executives Leverage Their Top Four Strengths”  Self-profiling data from >28,400 executive clients at the Institute highlights which of their personal traits can become either stumbling blocks or stepping stones in their leading corporate change at their full A+ potential. To view this Summary Report  Click here

For Workplace Wellness Professionals Seeking the “Holy Grail”:

How improving staff mental health can directly impact on-the-job performanceand team KPI

1)  Introducing “Resilience 2.0”: Evidence-based workforce wellness strategy improves work team’s KPI performance. Holy grail? Can improving wellness directly support improved team KPI performance [e.g. work cycle time and customer service metrics]?  Click here

2)  Resilience 2.1 – How workplace wellness works better when you plug it in .. plugging into a two-way partnership with team KPI targets. Institute evidence-based case studies. In-the-trenches vignettes illustrate how the Win-Win Problem Solving process [WWPS] “plugs in” a two-way partnership between gains in (a) staff wellbeing and in (b) their team’s KPI performance.  Click here

For Nurse Practitioners Managing Stressed Patients

To learn more about … The Institute’s evidence-based bio-psycho-social framework / toolkit illustrating how its component tools are being adapted to Nurse Practitioners’ practices, namely the “Stress Difficile counseling protocol” in primary care, please review the PPT presentation by Dr. Murray Woods, MD, in the plenary session of the June, 2015 annual conference of the British Columbia Nurse Practitioners Association. Click here

To learn about the Institute’s online toolkit training for professionals for (a) conducting brief counseling or coaching or for (b) conducting group education / training, Click here

For Project Management / ERP Consultants

♦ Large-scale corporate projects typically (a) Fail because they were poorly designed or (b) Succeed because the staff made them succeed. Thirty years’ Institute applied research in such projects reveals three “very human” stumbling blocks to that success, plus their solutions .. How “soft skills” training for staff can directly create “hard” ($) business-case project results.

To view the Institute’s 45-minute webinar for the Project Management Institute summarizing how-to steps to ensure these solutions drive high-ROI project results  Click here

For Stress Consultants

Marketing stress & wellness-that-works services today is not what you may think. CEO’s priorities may surprise you. They’ve changed.

♦  Productive Wellbeing: What C-suite executives most want from a wellness program. 

“Wellness-that-Works”: Brief positioning statement.

“Hi-ROI Wellness”: HR guidelines.

To view this presentation  Click here

For Human Resources & Occupational Health professionals

♦ Strategy for evidence-based ROI-focused HR programming regarding employee stress and productive wellbeing for successful corporate change. By permission of Medisource Newsletter for HR professionals and senior executive clients. To view our “Wellness-that-Works” brief positioning statement  Click here

For Change Management Consultants

To learn how (a) we neutralize staff or team-based resistance to change, and (b) we harness their motivations for wellbeing and career success, review the Institute’s strategy and our client results in this AV webinar [running time = 50 minutes]  Click here

For Family Physicians

Our online course “Action for traction with the Stress Difficile patient” has been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the BC Chapter for 16 Mainpro-M1 credits. Launch date:  May 7, 2015. Developed by Canadian family physicians [FP] working with Dr. Hans Selye’s Canadian Institute of Stress, this eight-class online course provides practice-based insights plus an evidence-based protocol for brief counseling with such patients.

It is systematic, defensible and EMR-compatible. Hallmarks of the Stress Difficile patient 1.Secondary gain from frequent family doctor visits has become their primary gain 2.Typically over-stressed and unwell 3.Their presentation is typically confusing, time consuming and ambiguous 4.Their past therapeutic compliance and prognosis are routinely poor, resulting in 5.FP’s assess their effectiveness and professional satisfaction with SD patients at 30% and 40% lower, respectively, than with their typical patients

For Personalized Evidence-based Wellness Programming: The Body Age V.Q. Program

♦ A clinically proven program that, on average, reduces participants’ body age biomarkers by 11 years.

Overview & Introduction to Reduce Your Body Age Aging is a fact of life. Yet the speed at which our bodies, and our emotions, lose their youthful flexibility and efficiency is very much subject to our control. Some people age too soon; others age very slowly. Each of us knows someone who undeniably looks, acts, and seems to feel “younger than their years”. And we also everyday see those who are “old before their time”, people for whom, at age 35, boundless, youthful energy is a near-forgotten memory.

Our world is full of stressors, everyday pressure points that tax our body’s systems, in turn accelerating the aging process. The result — the body becomes older than its years, heading down a path of back aches, muscle and joint pain, frequent illness and flagging energy. In today’s global corporations, many workers say, “This last year in my job has aged me five years”. Others, who have made one or two carefully chosen, simple self-management changes, such as using autohypnosis or taking the right food supplement, are astounded by their regained vitality.

This leading edge program, grounded in body-mind science, shows precisely how to take control of how fast your body ages, and how you can actually reverse the damage that’s already been done. For example, someone whose body age is 45 can have the body of a 34-year old. Many of our middle-aged research subjects reduced their body age by over 15 years. For each person there is the right (and usually simple) prescription for growing younger. Finding your own unique Rx, believing in it, and putting it to work is the challenge.

Reduce Your Body Age is not a one-size-fits-all program. It explores each participant’s unique nature and situation, and creates a personalized prescription for mastering the stressors of their particular situation. Most people are thereby empowered to reduce their body age by 11 years or more. Reduce Your Body Age is also highly reliable. Over 3200 people from all walks of life have experienced the program at the Canadian Institute of Stress. This skills-training program is based in extensive testing of these peoples’ progress at the Institute’s clinic at four and eight months after beginning the program, and then again five years later.

The program is strongly effective, as documented in the statistical and clinical findings, as well as in personal case study reports of executives, teachers, nurses, and many other participants.

A Sampling of Media Reviews

“We all have a personal aging pattern that has little to do with the calendar and everything to do with how we cope with the balance of stress-to-satisfaction in how we live. In fact, as the Body Age Program shows us, the single most effective age-retarder is definitely within your control. It’s you.” Longevity magazine

“Among the notable changes in participants were a 53% decrease in doctor’s office visits. Even physical appearance improved significantly as clinically observed in such factors as number and depth of facial wrinkles and dark shadows under the eyes.” The London Free Press

“You can turn back your body’s clock if you learn the correct formula for dealing constructively with the stresses in your life. Based on a ten-year study, the Body Age Program helps you create an individualized program of diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, communication skills and values clarification.”  The Detroit News

“The most productive people incorporate stress control into their workstyles. By learning and practising only a few of the Body Age Program’s techniques you can get immediate results. In the long term, you can increase your self control and self esteem and this means greater control over your environment.”  Daily Express (England)

“Ninety-six percent (96%) of Drs. Selye and Earle’s study participants were able to significantly reduce their stress and improve their body ages.” The Medical Post

♦  For an overview of the Body Age – VQ program roadmap Click here

♦  For summary of the science underlying the six StressTypes™ and the evidence-based Rx for each  Click here

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