Endorsements by SWC(c) graduates
Medical Professionals

♦  “As a recent graduate of the Stress and Wellness Consultant course given by the Canadian Institute of Stress I would like to thank Professor Richard Earle for his in-depth and dedicated teaching. This course exceeded my expectations by far both in terms of quality and originality of the material covered as well as the personal expertise, knowledge and effective instruction techniques of Professor Earle. I personally learned a great deal and intend to use my newly gained skills to help my patients, residents, professional colleagues and public in general. I also now intend to extend my services to corporations in need of consultation and coaching to help their employees maintain their vitality, satisfaction and productivity during challenging times.”

Khosro Adib, MD, FCCP Cardiothoracic Surgeon, University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, Medical Director, Meriter Heart Center, Madison, Wisconsin, USA,  CEO Vital Organization LLP, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

♦  “As a professional in Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health physician, I know stress is a must. SWC training gives you the right tools for the right people and employee groups, at the right moment, creating a complete success in a win-win relationship between the professional and corporate employers and individual patients. The way to get these personal and workplace tools is the SWC program provided by the Canadian Institute of Stress, certified by the Alma Mater, the Hans Selye Foundation.”

Edwin Duran Dosal, MD Occupational Medicine physician and executive, Mexico City, Mexico

♦  “This course is a veritable gold mine of resources for anyone interested in the Stress and Wellness field, both for personal wellbeing and for revitalizing the workplace. In a “high tech” interactive on-line classroom, Dr. Richard Earle shares remarkably valuable observations and insights generated from the Institute’s years of consulting with major companies, both in Canada and internationally, and from coaching their executives.

But that’s not all! This course will put a vast amount of practical information at your fingertips: concepts, diagnostic tools, exercises and formats which you are encouraged to incorporate into your own practice, one-to-one coaching and consultation work. Whether you are just starting out in the field, are looking for a new direction in it, or want to enrich and extend your own many years of experience, this course will be just the thing you are looking for”.

Laura K. Culley, MD Internal Medicine, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

♦  “Hi Dr. Earle, I want to update you on what I am doing with regard to stress in my practice. I have created a 3-day intensive seminar called ‘Master Your Stress’, to be held in the Los Angeles area at the end of May, combined with an E-course called ‘24 Key Concepts Towards Stress Mastery’ … based on the Institute’s 24 Principles.

I will be promoting these resources by conducting a free 90 minute seminar that I have done previously, entitled ”3 Deadly Mistakes Professionals Make About Stress that Leave them Exhausted, Burnt-out and Running on Empty”. This will be presented in webinar format, followed by live introductory in person workshops in the LA area and a video series. The webinars are starting next week. Obviously, anyone can join the webinars, as they are on the internet. Regardless of whether people signup for the 3-day live event, they will get great value in attending the free program.

This would not have been possible if it were not for the training I received from you with the Institute. I am eternally grateful for that. Thank you”.

Ravinder Singh, MD Board Certified, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, President, Premier Neurology Medical Group, Beverly Hills, California

Workplace Professionals

♦  “I highly recommend the Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant training program. It is based on leading edge scientific research and delivered with a strong emphasis on the immediate application of acquired knowledge and skills. Important stress and wellness concepts, assessment tools, materials and resources were all provided by the Institute with a thoroughness and spirit of generosity that I found to be truly remarkable.

I am grateful for the comprehensive, innovative and practical resources from which I will now be able to create a variety of applications in my consulting business. Dr. Earle is truly an extraordinary educator — enthusiastically sharing his wealth of wisdom, expertise and experience.”

Kathleen Johnston, M.A. Worklife Coach & Trainer; Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

♦  “The Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant program has been a life-changing experience. We received relevant information that we could use immediately to establish a practice in the stress and wellness field. The assignments helped us to develop programs we could offer to new and existing clients immediately. Most important, while learning how to help others, we learned to help ourselves.

Dr. Earle’s scientific expertise is beyond question, and what was wonderful was how he brought years of business experience to the program. I personally appreciated his knowledge of Eastern philosophy, and his openness to ancient Hawaiian traditions.”

Makana Risser Chai, Author, speaker, lawyer, executive Kailua, Hawai’i, U.S.A.

♦  “Participating in the Institute’s SWC certification program was most definitely a peak experience in my professional and personal development. Each building block was brilliantly designed, to integrate Dr. Earle’s rich scientific knowledge/research, extensive professional experience, and elegant facilitation style with each participant’s skills, expectations, and professional focus.

The result was a synergy of learning and professional development that took the saying “the sum is greater than its parts” to a height I had not experienced. Not only did the program provide the transfer of leading edge subject knowledge and expertise, its pragmatic, experiential format focused equally on fostering our competence as facilitators, coaches, and consultants.

Sharing and working with so many gifted professionals from around the world was a benefit I had not anticipated, one for which I am deeply grateful. It is a rare opportunity to be able to endorse a program with unbridled enthusiasm; yet I can describe it only in superlative terms. Not only did the program leave me more professionally prepared than I could have imagined, it left me inspired, enthused, and enriched as a person.

Thank you, Dr. Earle for your genuine concern, depth of wisdom, and generosity of spirit…yes and your often delightfully dry sense of humour. May your teaching continue to imbue my vocation as coach and consultant in the stress and wellness field, and may there be more professionals who will benefit from this truly outstanding professional development opportunity.”

Brigitta Atkins, M.A., Clinical Counselor, Morneau-Shepell, formerly human resources manager (airlines) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

♦  “Today, there is a lot of information available everywhere. Despite it, knowledge and understanding are still something difficult to find. I would like to thank the Canadian Institute of Stress and especially Professor Richard Earle for the knowledge and inspiration they have provided to me.”

Antonio Marco, ERP & human resources specialist, SAP Inc. Barcelona, Spain

♦  “The Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant Training program is excellent! Based upon the latest scientific research; the content, delivery and immediate applications make this program a definite must for Stress and Wellness Consultants. The SWC curriculum and its comprehensive approach goes far beyond the usual scope of Stress and Wellness training programs and has provided me with extremely valuable information and assessment tools for creating successful customized Personal and Professional Wellness Programs and Employer of Choice Initiatives:

This well-planned program address the specific concerns of Stress and Wellness under the skillful guidance of Dr Richard Earle, whose vast knowledge and expertise on the subject of Stress and Wellness Consulting and the educational materials provided to participants made this training ‘Excellent and informative throughout’ .”

Carol Ann Brazier, President of NLPNL, Connections Plus Inc. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

♦  “What a wonderful experience, and, timely too. Whether you use the tools of the SWC stress management program for personal use, for your patients or for your corporate aspirations…this is without a doubt a must have. The SWC program is scientific, researched, and pertinent to today’s stressful environments, yet, practical with predictable outcomes. This is by far the most useful course I have ever taken.”

Dr. Derek Lee DC, Chiropractor Director of on-site Corporate Wellness clinics Toronto, Ontario, Canada

♦  “It has been my great privilege to experience two of the certification programs with the Canadian Institute of Stress (CIS). I selected CIS after an extensive search for “best of breed” stress offerings worldwide. CIS has a strong, credible, scientifically based reputation. Most importantly, it has an impressive track record of success enabling major corporations to effectively harness stress, thereby transforming a potential liability into a valued asset.

Personally, having previously spent over 32 years in large high tech corporations, I was most impressed with the practical and useful techniques that can be put in place immediately. The client response to date has been truly exciting. It is important to add that my instructor for both programs has been Dr. Richard Earle. He is one of the founders of the Institute but also an individual I truly respect for his vast experience as well as his genuine approach to ensuring the success of his students. I highly value my partnership with the Canadian Institute of Stress.”

Victoria Nickinovich MBA, Principal, Nickinovich Research and Consulting, Inc. Evidence-based Meta Analysis, Survey Research & Strategic Business Consulting Bellevue, Washington USA

♦  “The SWC(c) is one of the most interesting and effective courses I have ever attended. The curriculum topics were highly innovative and useful and the classes were greatly organized so that I could quickly apply what I learned to both my personal life and my professional practice as an international IT business consultant.

This was possible because, on one side, the course had a very clear and easy-to-understand structure; and on the other side, because the teaching was based on a “learning-by-doing” approach, which sped up the assimilation of all the theoretical concepts, tools and exercises through the direct application to personal experiences and professional practice. The value of what I learnt in the SWC(c) is highly useful for me to work both with private people and companies.

The approach of combining the nowadays needed personalization, to offer people and companies specific solutions to their specific problems, with scientifically proved methods gave me a powerful methodology to help increase both personal and corporate vitality in a very quick and efficient way.

The concepts and techniques I learnt are based on the most advanced and effective research and integrate the best results from different wellbeing, coaching, personal development and medical areas. Additionally people find them easily applicable, so that they can gain greater benefits, by obtaining faster results with comparatively little effort.”

Paolo Cesco Corporate ERP Consultant Barcelona, Spain

♦  The Stress & Wellness Consultant course was the perfect, scientifically based program to use as a foundation for the work I do with my guests at the Hillcrest Valenova Inn & Spa. It allows me to educate participants about what stress really is and then guides us through a process where they can take action to find a greater sense of well-being.

Robin Dines, Owner, Hillcrest Valenova Inn & Spa, formerly SVP Human Resources (international banking), Port Hope, Canada