Capacity-for-change: Risk indicators trending

Towers Watson research (2011 to 2016) finds “workers demonstrating the highest levels of stress and on-the-job burnout in memory”. Corporate capacity-for-change is at growing risk, as seen in …

⊗ Change fatigue    ⊗ Work stress    ⊗ Work dissatisfaction    ⊗ Key talent turnover    ⊗ Mental health disabilities

⊗ Presentee performance     ⊗ Declining service / quality metrics     ⊗ Compromised corporate reputation

Impacts of capacity warning signs

“Change is as change does … and the people do the doing”.  Independent of C-suite backing, the roll-out plan or technology applied, the “people factor” accounts for > 50% of the often unbudgeted costs handicapping many corporate change initiatives … summarized in this chart:


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“If your company’s in the race, you should know your corporate vital signs”

Capacity Endurance

How we track your Corporate Vital Signs™ metrics   Overview is HERE