SWC(c) Core Building Block Curriculum – Overview

SWC Teach Toolkit July 10 19

Two alternative SWC(c) training formats

Training Format #1:  Live, online interactive classes

One full semester (28 class meetings over 14 weeks) featuring lectures and all-to-all application-focused discussions led by Dr. Earle and enriched by the challenges and solutions shared by fellow students … already mature in their range of workplace or health discipline careers. Office-Hour meetings with Dr. Earle are scheduled as needed.


♦  Scheduled Start Dates: Available only by arrangement for an Associate Center’s staff groups

♦  Tuition*: $3800.00 (Cdn) Payable in three installments

♦  Learn more or request Application form … Contact: Margaret Dopson, M.A.Sc., Director, Distance Training   mdopson@stresscanada.org

Training Format #2:  Self-Paced study

♦  Audit all 28 SWC class meetings in prerecorded MP4 format featuring …

♦  All 28 live interactive class meetings, including:

♦  Lectures, PPTs, readings, three assignments

♦  Discussions and Q & A of concern to students from a recent “live / online” SWC training program

♦  Office-Hour meetings with Dr. Earle are scheduled to occur at five key milestones in the student’s skill-mastery progress

♦  Self-paced study is expected to be completed within 28 weeks or extended by agreement.


♦  Scheduled Start Date: Within two weeks of your approved course registration

♦  Tuition*: $2850.00 (Cdn) Payable in two installments: (1) Upon Institute acceptance of student’s registration; and (2) During student’s 14th week of Self-Paced study

♦  Learn more or request Application form … Contact: Margaret Dopson, MA.Sc., Director, Distance Training  mdopson@stresscanada.org