We use the power of diagnostics

piechartTreating organizational effectiveness and productive wellbeing issues without diagnosis is similar to treating an illness without knowing what you are trying to heal. It simply does not work and it could be hazardous!

Our main corporate diagnostic tool, Corporate Vital Signs™, uses a confidential, online profile, VitalityPro™. Each employee receives a 6-page top-priorities profile [as well as a more detailed report] plus personalized Action Recommendations on their physical, psychological and emotional health. We measure work stress, work satisfaction, work engagement and work relationships plus lifestyle vitality in unparalleled detail.

Our client corporation receives a comprehensive report, Corporate Vital Signs™, with aggregate results of employees, accurately pinpointing strengths and growth opportunities. We then build on strengths to achieve high ROI outcomes. Our methodology is unique because it is based on leading edge professional training, science and accurate diagnostic techniques developed through decades of applied research at the Canadian Institute of Stress.

We do not offer a one-size-fits-all program. Our solutions are custom-designed and carried out specifically for your company. Unlike most other programs, we do not treat symptoms. Our training and coaching address the root drivers of abilities, satisfaction and engagement through evidence-based protocols.

Priority strengths are developed  AND  leveraged for best performance

Capacity Strength

Our focus is on best possible all-win ROI … productive wellbeing in staff personally, in teamwork, and in corporate DNA

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