Our Strategy to create productive wellbeing for all-win ROI


Our Productive Wellbeing formula & diagnostic model > strategy > results

Our strategic formula for creating productive wellbeing provides focus:


Prod Wbeing Formula 2

Our Productive Wellbeing diagnostic model then focuses our work on these key drivers of all-win results: CIS Prod Wbeing Diagtic model 3


Our strategy in overview

Our Productive Wellbeing strategy gives top priority to ensuring that each of these three productive wellbeing cornerstones will actively support the organization’s successful change.

N B1-Cornerstones (1) “Can Do – Will Do” staff: Individual staff have motivating insights & skills for creating their best possible personal success by contributing to making corporate changes work as planned.

(2) “Let’s Make It Work” team culture: Team grows its ability to create success on a win-win basis. Team KPI successes are experienced as a “fair” two-way street … energized by and also supporting personal career success. “As my team succeeds, I succeed.”

(3) Sustainable corporate capacity grows as staff’s personal wins and their team’s KPI successes continue to reinforce each other. Productive wellbeing becomes part of the team’s DNA.

Our strategic results: Capacity for high-ROI corporate change

Our interventions  ♦ tailor the evidence-based Making Change Successful, not Stressful™ framework  ♦ to create win-win alignment of productive wellbeing indicators that are valued both by the C-suite and by frontline staff and teams. Our clients’ pre/post improvements in productive wellbeing metrics include:


N Execs-Capacity-Indrs-c-Results