Hans Selye is internationally acknowledged as “the father of the stress field” and, as such, a Canadian resource to the world. Since publishing the first scientific paper to identify and define “stress” in 1936, Dr. Selye wrote more than 1700 scholarly papers and 39 books on the subject. At the time of his death in late 1982, his work had been cited in more than 362,000 scientific papers, and in countless popular magazine stories, in most major languages and in all countries worldwide. He is still by far the world’s most frequently cited author on stress topics.

Dr. Selye gained enduring international respect not only for his scientific innovations, but equally for his commitment to sharing the practical benefits of his work with everyday people. Two of his books, “The Stress of Life” and “Stress Without Distress” were unequalled bestsellers (the latter in 17 languages). His collaborative research with Dr. Richard Earle, resulted in his two final contributions “Stress and the Workplace” and “Your Vitality Quotient”.

Dr. Selye held three earned doctorates (M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.) plus 43 honourary doctorates. He was an elected member of several dozen of the world’s most recognized medical and scientific associations.

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