Strategic focus in our client service roadmap

Our Productive Wellbeing strategy gives top priority to ensuring that each of these three Cornerstones fully supports the organization’s planned changes.


(1)  “Can Do – Will Do” staff: Individual staff have motivating insights & skills for creating their best possible personal success by contributing to making the changes work as planned.

(2)  “Let’s Make It Work” team culture: Team grows its ability to create success on a win-win basis. Team KPI successes are experienced as a win-win two-way street … both energized by and also supporting personal career success. “As my team succeeds, I succeed.”

(3Sustainable corporate capacity grows as staff’s personal wins and their team’s KPI successes continue to reinforce each other … becoming part of the team’s DNA.

Our 3-D Roadmap focuses on results

Guided by our evidence-based Productive Wellbeing formula, our focus is to create a design-for-capacity supporting each client’s specific aims. Their performance gains are sustainable and exceed the typical, yet often unaccounted costs of change. Case study example: Assisting a national Telco introducing far-reaching technological changes:

Our High-ROI results

 Our work is tailored to meet the client’s priority aims following our 3-D roadmap

Step 1:Discovery ⇒ Diagnostics ⇒ Design: Fact-based priorities are agreed with client  > design a high-yield project strategy and work plan

Step 2:Delivery flexibly meeting staff and team development priorities efficiently and

Step 3:Data-based evaluation of ROI outcomes in staff and team capacity-for-change

How our 3-D Roadmap guides our work with clients: Overview

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