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INTERNATIONAL REACH:  Since 2003, the Institute’s web-based certification training for professionals has prepared graduates worldwide including:

SOUTH to NORTH: ♦ Argentina  ♦ Brazil  ♦ Mexico  ♦ USA: New York to Hawaii  ♦ Canada: Newfoundland to British Columbia  and  ♦ Iceland, and

EAST to WEST:  ♦ Japan  ♦ China  ♦ New Zealand  ♦ India  ♦ Middle East  ♦ EU: Lithuania to France, Spain and the U.K.

We have also prepared Associate Centers in Japan [2007], Saudi Arabia [2011] and in the United States of America [2015]. To learn more about our co-creating Associate Centers, click HERE

Roots of the Institute’s certification training for professionals:  Regarding stress, Dr. Hans Selye’s name is globally synonymous with creative understanding, rigorous science, and solutions … evidence-based solutions which restore balance, satisfaction and productive wellbeing … for individuals and for workplaces.

Since its founding in 1976, the Hans Selye Foundation has continued to lead in integrating academic and practitioners’ “big picture” understandings of the stressful challenges of “Man Adapting” in a “Future Shock” world.

For the past 38 years, applied research at Dr. Selye’s Canadian Institute of Stress has translated resulting Foundation insights into evidence-based tools and know-how evaluated and refined in clinics and corporations internationally. Web-based certification training, plus ongoing R & D collaboration with practitioners and SWC(c) graduates globally has, since 2003, accelerated scientific study of solutions warranted to bear the Selye name.

Two diploma-focused certification training programs are available online

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1.1  Live Interactive format:  One semester (14 weeks) of two 2-hour live online interactive SWC class meetings per week …  Or … to flexibly accommodate students’ schedules:

1.2  Self-Paced format:  (to be completed in < 28 weeks):  ♦ Auditing MP4 recordings of all Live Interactive classes  ♦ Receiving all Format 1.1 materials  ♦ plus four 1-hour online meetings pre-scheduled with your Institute instructor


2.1  Trainer – “Making Change Successful, not Stressful”  (5-module program)

2.2  Coaching – Executives, professionals & entrepreneurs

2.3  E-learning“Making Change Successful, not Stressful”  (5-module program)