Professional Certification in applying Institute Toolkits

We offer online Toolkit certification training for professionals whose work addresses both work and personal change-challenges in their clients’ lives. Diploma is awarded upon completion of certification training.

Toolkits are focused by our Making Change Successful, not Stressful™ framework    [MCSS overview Here]
for individual workplace staff & work teams

As outlined on its linked page [below] each of the three (3) Institute Toolkits prepares and certifies professionals to deliver:

  1.  Training  [provide classroom or online training, briefings or as a module-by-module series] in MCSS insights and skills
  2.  Coaching  executives, professionals and entrepreneurs [and others] navigating change
  3.  E-learning … modularized and readily targeted to each group’s specific strengths and risks

NOTE:  Each of these three Toolkits [Click its hyperlink above] is presented according to its:

a)  Aims for meeting the needs of your (a) corporate client and (b) individual participants

b)  Applications options matching each client’s aims, circumstances, opportunities and timing

c)  Tools ranging from frontend diagnostic to delivery and follow-up ROI evaluation

d)  Consultation with the Institute to support your certification and confidence in client service  and

e)  Pricing and Administrative FAQ’s

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