Making Change Successful, not Stressful™ (MCSS) is the Institute’s five-module framework proven effective in training, coaching or team development.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …  IF  … you learn from it

Disruptive change at work can be a highly motivating “learning laboratory” to tap into the more broadly applicable power offered by the MCSS building block framework of skills. Once learned for on-the-job and career success-not-stress, these “basic life skills” apply quite directly to meeting “team” challenges in personal and family life as well.

♦ Seeing these dual-purpose benefits in MCSS, corporate clients may also choose to use MCSS as a “mental health in action” resource ♦

MCSS provides the skills and focuses the motivation essential for individuals, workplace staff and for teams to contribute fully to personal, career and corporate success in their change journey. MCSS’ five Change-Mastery skill sets empower individuals or work teams to:

  1. Make personal sense of their changes, uncertainties and stress
  2. Respond successfully to change for winner results
  3. Get past stress, worry and anxiety
  4. Create > 30% more work satisfaction … the “wins” of change
  5. Re-engage themselves in win-win work relationships   ♦ building an engaging “win-win 10” team culture, and  ♦ for win-win team problem solving for team KPI success

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