VPro & CVS gfx The VitalityPro profile personalizes staff skill development … in a unique roadmap of priorities for each staff member. Their profile report highlights their own statements about both (a) their Strengths and (b) their Risk factors for ensuring strong “personal ROI”  ♦ on-the-job  ♦ in career progress  ♦ for life-after-work  and  ♦ in personal wellbeing

checkmark small Robust online employee profile, based in our 30+ years’ workplace R & D … supporting each employee’s best possible productive wellbeing

. checkmark small Their confidential, individualized report motivates each employee’s action on the factors driving their contribution to and enjoyment of achieving personal and shared aims

The Corporate Vital Signs 13-page drill-down report focuses management decisions

checkmark small A real-time aggregate report for decision makers based on a roll-up of employees’ confidential VitalityPro™ responses

checkmark small Easily interpreted graphical presentation assessing both strengths and risks company-wide

checkmark small Can be customized to extract results for any division, location or job position

checkmark small Year-over-year trend reports, pre/post, or “pulse survey” reporting to monitor Successful Change outcomes

checkmark small Validated quantitative indicators support tracking ROI from interventions

⊕  Diagnostic metrics we track

Our VitalityPro™ report for individuals & our Corporate Vital Signs™ aggregate report for decision makers [no staff names included] track these factors and metrics. Detailed graphical reports are provided for:

Prod Wbeing Diag model
⊕  Total Rewards case study: Diagnostics focusing more confident corporate outcomes

Case study of three companies executive teams is here

⊕  Customized metric reports may also focus on:

⊕  Staff “Can Do – Will Do” Index

• Work Stress Scale – Extent to which staff experience the stress in their present job as energizing vs. draining their performance and personal wellbeing

• Work Satisfaction Scale – Extent to which staff believe their present job provides them the satisfaction they want from their work life

• Commitment to Job Scale – Extent to which staff are personally committed to achieving the aims of their work team and employer

⊕  Team Culture “Let’s Make It Work” Index evaluates these nine workplace Human Capital Management factors as being Strengths-or-Stressors in a team’s daily work process:

1. Organizational communications

2. Pay & benefits

3. Career & skills development

4. Challenge & reward in work

5. Manager’s style

6. Recognition & respect

7. Cooperative culture

8. Co-workers

9. Clarity of job expectations of me heartbeat300