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Spotlight on our Productive Wellbeing model

Since 1985 .. going beyond typical workplace wellness models .. the Institute gives priority to our clients’ belief that improved wellbeing should show up in on the job metrics … not only in disease prevention and disability reduction. The innovative benefits delivered by our Productive Wellbeing strategy stem directly from its win-win focus on employee as well as management concerns.

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Our work integrates the wellbeing concerns of both the employees and of the employer*. Our target is employee wellbeing experienced as a corporate win-win: Improved physical and mental health plus work-life harmony showing up both on the job and at home. * Note: Both types of wellbeing concerns are documented lower on this page.

Snapshot of a Telco client’s Productive Wellbeing outcome metrics

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Snapshot summary of Productive Wellbeing in Action:  How it works

Dozens of wellness-that-works case studies from our corporate work illustrate that such all-win ROI metrics are readily achievable. For example: Senior engineers in a Saudi refinery experiencing high stress + reduced satisfaction from the unnecessary frequency and poor organization of weekly meetings. Applying our model, engineers proposed new scheduling and agenda setting for meetings. Management agreed to pilot test their proposal because the engineers said it would reduce operating costs.

The win-win result six months post-implementation:  1.2 days less time in meetings per week  +   engineers now able to check wear-and-tear on very expensive remote pipeline valves 50% more frequently per month … creating significant cost savings for management  >>  win-win results … initially motivated by engineers’ wellbeing concerns [levels of work stress and satisfaction] … then further focused by their front line knowledge of available cost-savings.

Sidebar:  (1)  Similar opportunities for all-win productive wellbeing are readily available in financial institutions, hospitals … in fact, in every work organization.  AND  (2)  The win-win improvements on the job are sustainable because a majority of employees are motivated to continue benefiting from the stress / satisfaction win’s which had motivated their proposals.

Template guiding our client’s selecting their specific win-win Productive Wellbeing targets + metrics

Focusing on creating win-win solutions to costly lose-lose drains on wellbeing, we integrate the priority concerns of the employees, of their jobs, and of senior corporate management. In brief, we ensure that (1) improvements in employee wellbeing be directly, observably linked to (2) their on-the-job mastery, satisfaction, and performance, (3) in the terms that matter most to the company’s management team, to create sustainable all-win ROI.

BTW   As in the Telco case study, priority outcome targets + metrics are typically limited in number, enabling the intervention to readily fit with company circumstances and budget.

Integrating employee and employer wellbeing concerns
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Source   Medisys whitepaper “How Healthy is Your Workforce?”  reporting Management Team aims


 ♦ Results metrics from applying our win-win Productive Wellbeing model 

Productive Wellbeing aligns employees’ wellbeing concerns with these five top management team aims defining a “healthy workforce”.

N Execs-Capacity-Indrs-c-Results checkmark largeRooted in Canadian Institute of Stress’ applied research, we are committed to continuing development of innovative, evidence-based tools to advance this win-win Productive Wellbeing model with clients, with Institute SWC(c) graduates and with Associate Centers. heartbeat300