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Snapshot overview of SWC(c) certification training:  Diploma training is focused on applications …  serving both public and private sector workplaces and for one-to-one counseling / coaching practices.  Training for the SWC(c) diploma is conducted online in one fourteen-week semester. It focuses on the applied skills for (1) conducting presentations, (2) skills training workshops, (3) one-to-one or group-based coaching and (4) professionally confident consulting.

Theory and underlying research have been distilled, based in 36 years’ Institute applications, to the foundational propositions and evidence-based tools required for practitioner success in the SWC’s marketing and professional practice.

The SWC(c) is the most complete, evidence-based professional training you will find

Its curriculum “building blocks” have been selected so as to be flexibly matched by the SWC to a wide range of needs and practice settings … with an emphasis on the workplace, public health or private practice.

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 To discover (a) how your SWC competencies are flexibly adaptable to meet each client’s needs click here, and  (b) what SWC graduates are saying about SWC training, click here.

Two alternative SWC(c) training formats
Training Option 1:  Live, online interactive classes

One full semester (28 class meetings over 14 weeks) featuring lectures and all-to-all application-focused discussions led by Dr. Earle and enriched by the challenges and solutions shared by fellow students … already mature in their range of workplace or health discipline careers. Office-Hour meetings with Dr. Earle are scheduled as needed.


♦ Scheduled Start Dates: September 16, 2017 and February 10, 2018

♦ Tuition*: $3800.00 (Cdn) Payable in three installments

♦ Learn more or request Application form … Contact: Margaret Dopson, M.A.Sc., Director, Distance Training   mdopson@stresscanada.org

Training Option 2:  Self-paced study

Audit all 28 SWC class meetings in pre-recorded MP4 format featuring all 28 live class meetings, including lectures, PPTs, readings, three assignments and .. especially energizing .. discussions and Q & A of concern to students from a recent “live / online” SWC training program. Self-paced study is expected to be completed within 28 or fewer weeks. Office-Hour meetings with Dr. Earle are scheduled monthly.


♦ Scheduled Start Date: Within one week of your approved course registration

♦ Tuition*: $2850.00 (Cdn) Payable in two installments

♦ Learn more or request Application form … Contact: Margaret Dopson, M.A.Sc., Director, Distance Training



globe2GLOBAL CERTIFICATION: Since 2003, the Institute’s web-based certification training for professionals has prepared graduates worldwide including: SOUTH to NORTH: ♦Argentina  ♦Brazil  ♦Mexico  ♦USA: New York to Hawaii  ♦Canada: Newfoundland to British Columbia  ♦Iceland, and EAST to WEST:  ♦Japan ♦China  ♦New Zealand  ♦India  ♦Middle East  ♦EU: Lithuania to France, Spain and the U.K.

BackgroundRoots of the Institute’s SWC(c) training for professionals.  Regarding stress, Dr. Hans Selye’s name is globally synonymous with creative understanding, rigorous science, and solutions … evidence-based solutions which restore balance, satisfaction and productive wellbeing … for individuals and for workplaces.

Since its founding in 1976, the Hans Selye Foundation has continued to lead in integrating academic and practitioners’ “big picture” understandings of the stressful challenges of “Man Adapting” in a “Future Shock” world.

For the past 37 years, applied research at Dr. Selye’s Canadian Institute of Stress has translated resulting Foundation insights into evidence-based tools and know-how evaluated and refined in clinics and corporations internationally. Web-based training, certification and ongoing collaboration with practitioners and SWC(c) graduates globally has, since 2003, accelerated scientific study of solutions warranted to bear the Selye name.

** Current developments: ANNOUNCEMENT – We are pleased to announce the September, 2015 opening of our first co-developed U.S.-based Associate Center. Vital Organization LLC. is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s headed by Ed Adib, MD. They join our other two Centers in Japan (2007) and Saudi Arabia (2011) in providing evidence-based clinical and corporate services. To learn more, click HERE heartbeat300