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Corporate Vital Signs™ is a diagnostic tool that assesses and benchmarks those corporate vital signs known to predict future corporate performance, revenue growth and profitability. Its 13-page report zooms in to an Executive Summary and then drills down to specific priority insights (about corporate / team Strengths and Risks) focusing high-ROI action by:

  • Providing current-state feedback to corporate decision makers, focused by vital signs profiles rolled up and broken out to corporate levels, divisions, and key staff groups as defined by corporate strategy
  • Focusing decision making on those HRM, training or organization effectiveness initiatives which will best complement the company’s existing strengths
  • Providing action recommendations to each employee from our confidential online profiling, highlighting those personalized steps which will yield best win-win results… their vitality at work grows as they contribute more fully to their team’s performance

The action-focus provided by this diagnostic has enabled our clients to create results which include…

The Vital Corporation

Rooted in a 13-year history of applied workplace research, Corporate Vital Signs™ uses VitalityPRO™, a 145-item online questionnaire, to collect workforce data confidentially.

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