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VitalityPRO™ is an expanded version of the StressPRO™ for the workplace, which empowers individual employees to achieve:

  • a more productive balance of stress and satisfaction in their work,
  • the engagement-with-work which drives consistent contribution to team targets, plus
  • greater on-the-job resilience based on improved personal stress control, and balance in work and personal life.

VitalityPRO™ provides the user access to both (a) a 6-page “My Top Priorities” report as well as (b) a 32-page “Detailed” report. Both formats provide action-focused guidance directly supporting:

  • self-directed management of stress, lifestyle and work life challenges or
  • fuller, more personalized benefit from a group-based workplace training program or
  • accelerated gains from one-to-one coaching

Results we have created with our clients include…

Vitality Pro

Rooted in a 13-year history of applied workplace research, VitalityPRO™ is a 145-item online questionnaire which provides:

  • Each employee receives their fully personalized, confidential Profile, a motivating, action-focused report which includes all the personal, work life and lifestyle guidance provided by StressPRO™ plus more detailed guidance for managing work stressors and the critical issues of engagement, stress and satisfaction in their work life.
  • Data analyzed and confidentially reported in our aggregate Corporate Vital Signs diagnostic, guiding corporate decision makers in protecting the productive wellbeing of their workforce.

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