Training for Vital Corporation Consultants

For appropriately experienced workplace consultants, training as a Vital Corporation Consultant (VCC) provides the core knowledge base, perspective, tools and skills required to respond constructively to the pressing corporate challenges of “employee engagement”, notably retention of key staff; performance vs. presenteeism; resilience vs. stress; and the personal plus team capacities for success in dealing with future turbulent change.

Training is focused by our proprietary EMC2 strategy, integrating methods to create Energy, Motivation, Commitment and Contribution amongst employees and in work team culture. VCC training will enable graduates to be confidently effective in:

    • Strategically addressing the issues of work stress, work satisfaction and job commitment, the core drivers of employee engagement …
    • … flexibly within three value adding roles: consultant, trainer, and one-to-one coach.

As Background Since the Institute undertook its first multi-national merger & acquisition assignment in 1984, we have continued to grow our base of hands-on experience and applied research, plus a track record for creating solid client results … daily at the front lines as well as on the balance sheet.

From technological change and right-sizing to companies responding to new market realities, or integrating corporately divergent cultures, we have distilled the core principles, the online diagnostic tools, plus the training and OD methods that both (1) make here-and-now workplace changes successful, not stressful, and (2) create work groups who have grown stronger for dealing with yet unforeseen changes.

The perspective, strategy and tools which guide our work, create our clients’ results, and focus VCC training are summarized below. We invite you to explore these active hyperlinks to better understand the work of Vital Corporation Consultants:

The modularized training curriculum for Vital Corporation Consultants

Principally conducted online, in which small groups of students and the instructor rely on the highly interactive web platform designed for us by vLink Live. In the following Curriculum Outline, please note that Module 3 may require three-days in-residence at Vital Corporation headquarters in Toronto, Canada.


Module 1 …The Fundamentals of Corporate Vitality

  1. Roots and mission of the Vital Corporation, Inc. A 25-year history of employee resilience & engagement-with-work. Focus on our applied research grounded in client service
  2. HR & balance sheet challenges in today’s corporation Presenteeism, turnover, and disability ++
  3. Today’s corporation … as the market for Vital Corporation solutions: Presenteeism vs performance Turnover vs retention Disability vs resilience
  4. Daily performance & balance sheet results the Vital Corporation has demonstrated since 1984
  5. Directly relevant academic and practitioner research & models … from Heskett’s “service-profit chain” (Harvard, 1994) to the most recent work by Towers Perrin, Hewitt & Associates, Watson Wyatt, Gallup, and others in the “human capital management” sector
  6. Why Vital Corporation solutions are unique … our USP’s
  7. Our 3-D model of client service: Diagnostics + Design + Delivery
  8. Our proprietary EMC2 evidence-based, field proven model of employee engagement and disengagement
  9. The architecture of employee re-engagement … Blueprint integrating training, OD, leadership, communication and compensation
  10. The building blocks of engagement: The 21 core “vital skills” (self-management plus team- management competencies) within three key result areas
  11. Diagnostics using our proprietary profiles Þ each client’s uniquely effective fact-based plan
  12. Overview of StressPro ™, VitalityPro and Corporate Vital Signs diagnostic profiles … descriptive and prescriptive applications … for benchmarking and repeated measurement
  13. Case study applications of our Diagnostics, Design & Delivery model, illustrating our step-by-step template for client service
  14. Tracking and communicating results to build, and build on, client relationships

Training Format in Module #1:

Two 2-hour interactive online webinars … plus one 2-hour online group coaching session. Note – All VCC Training webinars are scheduled one-per-week for evening hours or on Saturday mornings (Toronto time).

Module 2…Online Diagnostic Profiles

This Diagnostic module enables you to apply these online tools in your own practice … as well as to support and to help focus the work of others who provide training, consulting or coaching services … notably HR professionals, in-house trainers, coaches and O.D. specialists.

You will learn to position, apply, support and debrief these profile tools:

Note – Vital Corporation Consultants may elect to become distributors or VARS for these online profile tools, receiving appropriate commission recognition.

Training Format in Module #2:

Three 2-hour interactive online webinars … plus one 2-hour online group coaching session. Note – All VCC Training webinars are scheduled one-per-week for evening hours or on Saturday mornings (Toronto time)

Module 3…Design & Delivery Applying the 21 “corporate vital skills” in briefings, training, and coaching.


Employee Training Preparation to consult to and then to tailor and deliver the four scalable modules of our Making Change Successful™ skills training-plus-team development program. Mastery of these 21 “vital skills” for delivery in training venues is a prerequisite to a VCC’s success in one-to-one coaching. Coaching is, to a great degree, a more highly targeted, selective and personalized realization of the benefits offered by the Making Change Successful™ modules.


One-to-One Coaching Preparation to provide brief one-to-one coaching keyed to the findings of the StressPro™ or VitalityPro™ profiles … with a particular focus on executive coaching applications

Training Format in Module #3A:

Three full-day train-the-trainer sessions in Toronto, scheduled for a Saturday-to-Monday. Followed by one 3-hour online group coaching session.

Training Format in Module #3B:

Four 2-hour interactive online webinars. Please note that the motivations and skills to be developed with most coaching clients are selected and personalized from the Making Change Successful™ modules keyed to that client’s needs as uniquely targeted in their online profile.

Note – All VCC Training webinars are scheduled one-per-week for evening hours or on Saturday mornings (Toronto time)

Eligibility to apply to the Vital Corporation Consultant training program

  1. Active membership in a recognized professional association in fields including Human Resources Management, Management Consulting, Training, Coaching / Counseling, or Health and Human Services. Others upon review.
  2. Significant experience in workplace training … with a range of junior and senior staff. Some related coaching and consulting experience would be an asset.
  3. Comfort as a “facilitator”; this refers to several attributes that usually only develop with experience, namely the ability to balance a timelined, learning event training design with (a) flexibly responding to participants, and (b) weaving the realities of the client company (and each specific training group) into the training experience.
  4. A mature balance of heart-and-head since the business case success of the Vital Corporation’s work inevitably rests on sensitively yet objectively dealing with employees’ strongly held feelings and attitudes about their work life.
  5. Appreciation of the win~win spirit of Vital Corporation work … creating meaningful, mutually sustaining results equally for the company and for the employees who create company success.
Distance Learning Format While the train-the-trainer components of Module 3A may require 3 days in-residence in Toronto, all other VCC training has proven highly effective with small online webinar groups … a maximum of 12 students. Our vLink Live platform enables PPT presentation, whiteboard, all-to-all real time voice interaction of students and instructor, text messaging, video presentation, visiting case study websites, your instructor on-screen with you, etc.

You need no additional software. All activities are hosted on our server. You will need a headset with microphone. Our IT specialist will guide you in making several simple adjustments to your computer’s audio settings.

Next scheduled

Saturday, February 10, 2017


is $6200.00 for the 13-week program, including all course materials, PPT presentations, sample diagnostic profiles, plus three months’ office-hours access to your instructor upon course completion. Tuition is income tax deductible in Canada. Variable tax treatment in other jurisdictions.

To Apply for course admission

Send us an e-mail at and include “Certified Vital Corporation Consultant” in the Subject line. We will be pleased to respond to your more specific questions. You will receive more detailed information and an Application form within 24 hours by return e-mail.