Timely sustainable results

Since 1995, led by Richard Earle, Ph.D., our senior ExecuLife coaches have guided leading executives, entrepreneurs and professionals skillfully through the crossroads and choices that hallmark their career and personal success. Dr. Earle’s own practice within ExecuLife [1995 – 2016] has been as principal coach with Canada’s two leading executive health providers … Medisys and Medcan.

An executive’s solidly achieving the next level in their career and personal growth typically requires 5 to 8 one-hour sessions. Coaching is available both (a) in-person at our Toronto coaching offices on the subway at Bloor & Islington or (b) by secure online connection. Confidentiality and convenient hours are ensured.

Contact  Richard at earle@stresscanada.org   He is also available for a preliminary telephone discussion at 416-237-1828 [direct line]

Our expertise

We clarify the priorities you raise in the context provided by your completing our online “StressPRO™ or VitalityPRO™ profile. We then bring strategic insights and practical skills to bear to support your progress in one or more of the following areas:


  • Self-assessment and career planning
  • Managing choices and transitions
  • Planning and strategy
  • Enjoying worklife more fully

  • Leadership … especially in rapid change
  • Motivation – personal and with others
  • Communication; managing relationships
  • Building and focusing corporate teams

  • Work ~ family ~ re-creation harmony
  • Marital / parenting concerns
  • Renewing relationships
  • Satisfaction, fulfillment, enjoyment

  • Energy, fatigue and sleep
  • Counter-productive stress
  • Anxiety or depressed mood
  • Concerns re alcohol use

Our coaching Roadmap for step-by-step progress

We are committed to time-efficient and sustainable progress with each client. We regard each client as an equal partner. We co-create progress by emphasizing deeply rooted personalized motivation to take the several more skillful actions required.

Our coaching staff

Led by Dr. Richard Earle, Ph.D., our coaching staff are internationally respected and published authorities on change and stress, and on controlling their impacts on health and performance for executives, work teams, and for key staff throughout rapidly changing corporations. Our coaching clients join us from leading North & Central American as well as Asian, European and Middle Eastern locations in fields including banking, insurance, telecommunications, mass media, natural resources, manufacturing, airlines, high tech and IT, plus various government departments and professional services firms.

Busy people enjoying their success

Contact us: coaching@stresscanada.org