Since 1980, the Canadian Institute of Stress has enjoyed success assisting leading corporations internationally to build on their strengths … strengths we capture as “corporate vitality”. No resource has been more challenged by rapid corporate change. And, we believe, none is more vital to sustained success.

The core dynamic of ‘corporate vitality’ focusing our workplace services, is a well grounded, keenly motivated engagement between company and employee — making ‘lean and keen’ the day-to-day working reality. To this end, we create results with our clients on two coordinated fronts:

  1. We enable workplaces to more productively engage the energy, motivation and committed contributions of their employees;
  1. We enable resilient employees to energetically seek out and actively enjoy the satisfactions offered by their work.

Our well documented contributions continue to focus on the challenges accompanying rapid, often turbulent workplace changes, including:

♦ mergers and acquisitions ♦ employee engagement

♦ ERP projects ♦ key talent retention

♦ corporate restructuring ♦ stress, resilience & health

♦ relocation & globalization ♦ work satisfaction

♦ strategic redirection ♦ job commitment

To enhance our international and online capabilities, in 2005 we entered a global joint venture with the Self-Management Group to create the Vital Corporation.

We invite you to visit our sister site, the Vital Corporation, providing you single-window access to our suite of corporate consulting, diagnostic, profiling, training and coaching services.

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