Toolkit Diagnostics: Online Corporate Vital Signs™ report

Bringing workforce facts into strategic focus ⇒ strengthening corporate, team and individual performance

The Corporate Vital Signs™ diagnostic report …

  • Is a real-time aggregate report for decision makers based on employees’ responses to our VitalityPro™ questionnaire (scroll down)
  • Provides an easily interpreted graphical presentation that highlights and assesses strengths and risks for the whole company
  • Provides drill-down insights into key drivers of performance and wellbeing
  • Can be customized (a) to extract results for any division, location, job position or line of business; or (b) to include additional questions or indicators of corporate importance
  • Provides highly accurate quantitative indicators with which (a) to identify effective interventions, and (b) to track their ROI contributions


Toolkit Diagnostics: Individual employee’s VitalityPro™ report …

Action-focused, personalized guidance for their top personal challenges

The VitalityPro™ online personal profile …

  • Is a scientifically robust online assessment tool for employees, based on 25 years of research and application. It’s psychometrically established validity and reliability provide professionally credible to-the-point feedback for successfully handling both personal and work life challenges
  • Gauges factors with the most immediate impact on employee mental health and engagement in the workplace, such as work stress, work satisfaction, job commitment and work-life balance
  • Confidential, individual reports heighten employees’ awareness of factors that may be negatively affecting their mental health and/or engagement with their work and provide customized recommendations for improvement

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